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Greenwell (Tianjin) International Trading Co., Ltd.
Tel:+86 22 58263738
Fax:+86 22 58263737
Address:31st Floor, Block A, Sunwah IFC, No. 76 Dagu North Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300040, China.
position:HOMESupply Chain
Industry Supply Chain
Greenwell (Tianjin) International Trading Co., Ltd. has acquired majority shares of Tianin Gesun Metal Recycling Col, Ltd., which gave Greenwell (Tianjin) the ability to process waste material throughout the country. With this acquisition, Greenwell (Tianjin) becomes the direct supplier to various aluminum, copper, and steel mills which gives the company better capacity to purchase materials. Through its investments in Domodo International Corp., the company also has the ability to operate its storage and logistics system out of North America. With a strategic advantage in location, Greenwell (Tianjin) is able to sell to various non-ferrous and ferrous smelters in addition to secondary plastic processors in the global market. With the capability to source materials directly from auto scrap suppliers in the United States, Greenwell (Tianjin) has control over the industrial chain for dismantling and sorting of scrap auto parts.


Remanufactured Automotive Electrical
There are numerous benefits from working with a “start-to-finish” remanufacturing provider. The typical life span for rotating electrical and electronics is four to seven years. However, the expected life span of the equipment they support is twenty-five to thirty years. While supporting the consumer demand for these components is critical to ensuring "on-going" customer satisfaction the burden on the OEM’s operation is often cost prohibitive to produce such low and sporadic volumes. Supporting the demand for these components through a third party remanufacturer allows the OEM to continue to meet the demand for these items without consuming internal resources. 

Address:31st Floor, Block A, Sunwah IFC, No. 76 Dagu North Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300040, China. Tel:+86 22 58263738 Fax:+86 22 58263737
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